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Firstly, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your cooperation and continued support of the business operations of Saikyosairen.

Based on the core principle of mutual cooperatives and its spirit in supporting each other (“One for All, All for One”), as an entity specializing in cooperative reinsurance, Saikyosairen contributes to the stabilization and development of our original members’ business through the provision of cooperative reinsurance, facilitating fellow cooperatives to reinforce relationships amongst each other.

The environment surrounding us is increasingly getting severe and uneasy by the changes and rising threats in the global natural environment, societal changes due to the aging population along with low birth rate and the unstable political and economic circumstances etc. However, in such circumstances, we believe the role of cooperative insurance business based on the principle of supporting each other and mutual aid will be of even greater importance. Saikyosairen commits to play a firm role as a “Reinsurance Center” and contribute to the stabilization and development of not only our member cooperatives but also of many other cooperatives.

FY 2017 marks the middle year of the "Mid-term Management Plan". According to the three basic policies outlined in our Mid-term Management Plan, we aim for 2017 to be a year to enhance our efforts further and advance toward the business targets and we are working on each issue closely.

We are pleased to announce herein the publication of our disclosure paper “Fact Book 2017” to demonstrate our business overview, financial condition and main activities of FY 2016. We hope that by reading this Fact Book you reach a better understanding of Saikyosairen as an organization and humbly ask for your continued cooperation.

August, 2017

Tomoyasu Kato


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